August 12, 2015

Yoga For Law Students

Last night I felt like the ultimate white girl because I blogged, drank wine, and then did yoga. I'm like every stereotype of a young girl being on her own for the first time in her life. And I kinda liked it #sorrynotsorry

I recently came across this great blog post, and was inspired. I already had accomplished #1 and #2 before reading it, had just completed #4 and was looking to mark off #3 which is sign up for a workout class. This really hit home to me because when you're stressed, you can either be productive or destructive. During my undergrad, I had a real bad problem of stress eating or stress drinking wine and pretending that Moscato isn't full of sugar. I definitely gained the freshman 15 and I'm trying to prevent from gaining more during my first year at law school.

I decided that yoga most interested me because I always have tight shoulders and the one time that I did yoga with my friend last year I absolutely loved it. The blog mentioned that if you pay for a workout class, then you'll be more motivated to go to it. This is probably true because my friend and I never got around to going back to the free yoga class at our school's rec. However, I am super broke right now so I can't exactly afford it.  

Thanks to my good pal Pinterest, I found the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge by Yoga with Adriene. I did the day one video and I loved it. This was just the first video that I found in my search that mentioned beginner, but it is a nice and slow pace and more focused on relaxing than working out. I think this will be a happy medium because it's still good for me yet not something that I have to force myself to do. I'm excited enough that I went ahead and made 29 check boxes in my planner to try to commit to following this all the way through. Hopefully this will keep me on top of my stress and destructive habits. 


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