August 11, 2015

What to Do the Week Before Law School

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Every law student that has ever given me advice for what to do during the summer before law school has said to ignore the pointless reading lists and just enjoy your time. And that is exactly what I'm doing. I went up to my new school yesterday to walk around before orientation and I found a board for the incoming 1Ls. One of my professors has already posted the readings for the first two days of class, and it's about 25 pages per day. Legally Blonde was right about this oneno syllabus days in law school.

Don't read if it's not required

When I got this suggested reading list from my school, I LOL'd and continued searching for flights for Vegas. Reading An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States, Fourth Edition really won't give me an edge in the classroom. If anything, it would just burn me out on reading before I actually have to do the required readings for my classes. Instead, I will spend my last weekend of freedom before orientation lounging poolside with my best friend in a cabana and going to Thunder Down Under :)

Enjoy yourself

But I have actually done a few things to get ready for class. 

Like I mentioned, I have already found the quickest route to my class and have walked around the building a bit. 

I got a new printer that has WiFi, which I'm pretty excited about because sometimes when you finish a paper at 3AM it really is too much effort to get out of bed and walk over to a printer. I picked up a pack of highlighters since Lord knows I'll need them. I ordered a Plum Paper Planner and am waiting for that to come in, but until then I have my leftover Lilly Pulitzer planner thanks to the longevity of their 16-month planners.

And I had my cheap $40 suit altered to fit me and look more expensive for when I have to wear it for any presentations or important meetings. 

I also have my desk set up and found additional studying places a try condo's courtyard and nearby park. This was was important to me because I can't be productive at a library for some reason. 

I have stocked up on groceries enough to make quick and easy because I know I'm about to get very busy and I'm trying to save money from eating out.

Get situated 

As for books, I was charged an $800 book fee with my tuition. I had the option to cancel this and be in charge of my books myself, but I figured I would play it safe the first semester because I don't really know what I'm doing. I assume we pick these books up during orientation because the orientation schedule says that on Friday we get all of our assignments for the following week. I still need to get a parking permit and figure out the details of my loans. This can be done tomorrow, then it's Vegas for Thursday through Sunday, and the ball really gets rolling Monday with orientation!

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law school desk |
My cute little desk all set up :)


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