August 25, 2015

Law School Day 2

What I Wore

Technically though, I'm considering this Day 1 of my Tuesday Thursday classes. Lol just realized that the problem with having the same classes every day with the same people is that I definitely can't repeat outfits that often. Today I wore a teal maxi dress that I wore on the plane home from Vegas. 

day 2 of law school |

First Class: Civil Procedure

According to my professor, most schools make this a 6 hour course spread out over 2 semesters, but my school decided to cram it into a 4 hour course, with 2 hours a day starting bright and early at 8 am. I'm pretty sure that we're the only class offered at this time because I got ridiculously great parking and the law school was oddly quiet. I love this professor. He's very much into challenging what and how you think and is a very interesting person. He also gets bonus points for giving us a break in between the 2 hour class. Although civil procedure seems like it will be understandably boring, my professor offers good insist that's intriguing enough that I don't think I'll have a hard time staying awake. Today was a very informal day in his class, but next class we'll start having assigned seats.

Second Class: Property

Not much happened in this class because all we did was go over IRAC again. Apparently its a BFD because my professor said we're going to be spending this entire week going over the analysis part since that is what we will need to really understand to be good lawyers. This professor and my Contracts professor do this cute thing where they playfully make fun of each other in their classes so it's reassuring knowing that the faculty here have a sense of humor. 

Third Class: Legal Research and Writing

For this class, I went ahead and bought was seems like the most important book from the bookstore. I still had about $40 left in my student bookstore account, so renting a used one only cost me personally $42. I might still end up having to go back for the other books though. This professor is one of those naturally smiley people so it was a weird situation watching him beam while saying that only one of us could get an A since this class is a subgroup of Section A and we only have 14 people in it. 

Final Thoughts

Book briefing is making me read slow, but one of my tests is an open book test so now all I have to do is put tabs on my book to help me find important rules or whatever, and I don't have to waste time copying down my final outline in book. I also like that with my color coding system, when my professors ask something like what does a word mean or what was the plaintiff's argument, I can quickly look down at my book and see exactly what I need based off of it's colors. I know not everyone like color coding, but the OCD in me loves this!

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