August 18, 2015

Law School Orientation Day 1

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Before I even got to orientation, I was very unsure about what exactly would be happening. I have a friend from my alma mater who also was waitlisted but eventually went to a different law school, and her orientation was last week and she told me that she had homework due at orientation. 

What I Wore

Originally, I had planned to wear some comfy/casual shorts and top combo that I had worn around when sightseeing in my new city. Then my mom called to make sure I was awake (she's a worrier) and told me that they probably meant more business setting casual and that shorts might not be appropriate. I decided on a maxi skirt and a plain shirt that I had worn with her when we were touring Barcelona. I'm glad she gave me this heads up because a lot of other girls were in everything from church dresses to business casual. I only saw two girls wearing Nike shorts and they looked sadly under-dressed. 

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Assessment Test

The first thing we did after a very encouraging welcome was the assessment that was allotted 4 hours in the schedule. The first part was just basic "How well do you think you manage your stress. How would you rate your writing skills" stuff. Then we had to read a two page court decision and identify what the case was over and what was ruled and why. Then it asked logical reasoning questions similar to what where on the LSAT. The final part was grammar. It was a little over 100 questions and everyone was done within an hour and a half. 

ID's and Books

Since we had extra time before lunch, members of the Student Bar Association led us to where we could get our student ID's and then off to the bookstore. I had to just go up and ask someone how they figured out what books they need, and apparently you just take your syllabus and find all of the professors in your section (for me, it's Section A) and grab $759 and no less than 50 pounds worth of books. Yep, the picture above is what I had to carry all the way to my car. Hopefully by next semester I will know how to get books online for much cheaper.

Meeting People Outside of My Section

During lunch we were sitting back in the auditorium and I ended up in what was apparently a very large group of people from Section B. Apparently they were all already friended on Facebook and even had a social last night. I would really like to know how the hell they already found everyone from their section. I'm also a little worried that Section A also did this and I just wasn't invited. However, there was a guy from Section C randomly sitting with this group too and I found out that while A and B don't have Friday classes, C does. I would say sucks to suck but I can almost guarantee that will be me next semester. There's also a section D for evening students who all appeared to be in their mid 40's. Having a full-time job and going to law school seems a little too much.

Getting Started on Homework

The last thing we did was be given two assignments. One is another two page court decision that we have to read tonight and come prepare to discuss with our section. The other is a program called Core Grammar for Lawyers that we have a week to complete. I went ahead and took the pre test when I got home. Apparently a lot of people coming into law school are really bad at grammar because one of my questions was to identify the noun in the sentence. I ended up getting a 70 on it because it asked a lot of legal citation questions too and I have no clue how to do that. Luckily that was enough to test out of 7 sections and now that's that much less that I have to do. 

Final Thoughts

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  1. Do you need to bring anything for orientation? Notebook or laptop?

  2. We were told to bring a laptop on the first day for an assessment test but for the rest of the days all we went over was ways to manage stress or how the Socratic Method worked so I really didn't need anything to take notes on

  3. Ok, great! Thank you! Love your blog btw!

    1. Of course and thank you! Good luck in law school!!