August 7, 2015

Seriously Though... What Do You Wear to Class?

upgrading an undergraduate wardrobe for law school |

As I sit here procrastinating packing to move 9 hours away to school, I'm starting to get worried that I have a suitcase full of sorority shirts and Nike shorts. During undergrad, this was my comfortable staple every single day. When I began to look online for ideas of an everyday law school outfit, I couldn't really find anything I could realistically envision myself wearing. One blog post said to keep in mind that this is a professional school and to dress appropriately for that, but I have a suspicion that the majority of people aren't dressing true business casual for class unless they have a presentation or something. My go-to (and slightly unrealistic) reference for law school, Legally Blonde, didn't really help me in this situation because I've always thought that Elle's first day of class outfit reminded me of a robe kinda like Hugh Hefner. 

upgrading an undergraduate wardrobe for law school |

Even my orientation packet was unhelpful for stating that the first few days are casual attire. How casual?! Like my usual shorts and oversized T-shirt casual, or meeting up with friends for a movie casual, or having a family dinner casual?? I guess I can just play it safe with some skinny jeans and a blouse rather than a T? This is going to be a sad transition to real pants and then actual dress pants for the rest of my life. And I'm not even sure if now I need to spend even more money and go school clothes shopping because I really don't own any clothes that wouldn't be considered workout attire. 

Also, my orientation schedule has "Incoming 1L Assessment Exam" scheduled from 9am- 12pm for the first day of orientation! I'm pretty sure the LSAT should be considered an assessment exam. I'm actually a little nervous about this because I'm going to be coming back from Vegas late the night before orientation so I'm not sure how well my test skills are going to be, and because I have yet to find an explanation for why we're having this and what it will be used for. There's 45 minutes scheduled on the last day of orientation for "Assessing your Performance," and I would really like to know what the criteria is. It's times like these that I wish I could find more information about law school instead of just memes about how crazy it is :/


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