August 28, 2015

First Week of Law School

One Week Down

Well my first week is over and I think I'm going to like it here. I seem to be in the minority of people who are confident in their notes, because I realize that we're still in the introduction chapters so it's not that complicated right now. Yeah there's a lot of readings and I spend a good majority of my day working on it, but if you look at successful people, they're not done with work at the end of the day as well because they're working from home in the evenings and on the weekend since it takes that little extra effort to get ahead. So far, planning out my days has really helped me stay on track with everything that I need to do. Even with my good first week, I went ahead and made myself a little countdown for when things get bad or the classes seem never ending :) 

New Places, Old Faces

On Thursday I was in the law library in between classes typing up some briefs when I heard someone say my name. I looked up and there was a girl that I had studied abroad with! We've been to Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and now law school together. I was really relieved to see a familiar face, and to also know a friendly 2L to run to with questions. There was a guy with her who was giving me some advice and offered to give me any outlines I needed, which is amazing because my friend Emily bragged that he got Dean's List his first two semesters so I really feel like this was a huge blessing. Despite this, he seemed very laid back about law school and reminded me that if you keep up with your readings, it's really not that hard. He also suggested getting into a good student organization so now I'm pretty sure that I'll join PAD and the Women in Law organizations. One thing he did bring up was this website Quimbee. They both went on and on about how helpful it is, but when I looked it up you have to pay anywhere from $15- $24 a month to use so yikes idk if I'll use this. No one tells you how damn expensive law school is!

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Finals Time All the Time

While I was at the library, I was at a table near a study room and I watched two different sets of 1Ls get kicked out by 2Ls that had it reserved after their study group. And then they went in there and studied some more! I wasn't expecting study rooms to be reserved by the 3rd day already. Everyone acts pretty much like it's finals time when they're in law school. Not so much being stressed out, all though that is apparent, but just that everyone's plans revolve around reading, taking notes, or reviewing all the time; no one is in the library just to chat it up while pretending to work. And everyone shows up to class and takes notes like their lives depend on it. With fall TV shows coming back, I actually had to schedule in an hour on Thursdays for Scandal so I can make myself take a break. 


One thing that I've noticed in class is that everyone has told us and told us about how hard this is and how high the professor's expectations are, so a lot of people in my section freak out when something seems too easy and are trying to make this harder than it is. Keep it simple, stupid. Sometimes the rule for a case actually is simply what the case said, "The rule applied to this case..." and that's that. 

Stop overthinking it and especially stop trying to impress the professor. He's not going to be like Wow that's such a good perspective! I hadn't thought of that and that makes so much more sense than the highly educated and experienced judge thought of. For example, if you're going over a case for a breach of contract in your Contracts class, don't bother with why the plaintiff didn't sue on a tort. This is contracts class and for whatever reason the plaintiff went with a contract and so in this case we only care about the contract in question. 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, I think the best way to sum up law school so far are my snapchats of a law student. I saved these from my story because if you look closely, you'll notice that they all have one thing in common: books. Because that's all I've been doing pretty much. Which isn't as bad as it seems because that's exactly what I expected and prepared myself for. 

first week of law school impressions |

first week of law school impressions |

first week of law school impressions |

first week of law school impressions |

first week of law school impressions |


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