June 2, 2019

Bar Prep Study Supplies

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Yes you're getting two new posts in a row because I just finished last week's post about my Bar exam schedule and Ryan is gaming and I have a full glass of wine so I'm going 2 for 2. Anyways, today is about all the things that I actually used and really liked for Bar prep.

Book holder  If you don't already have one, you're going to want one for Bar prep. It will save your neck a lot of pain.

Laptop stand This thing made it comfortable to type out long practice MPTs and I feel like saved me from having a double chin looking down all the time.

Beats  I know this sounds extra but upgrading my noise-cancelling headphones was such a good call. The stress level during Bar prep is even higher than law school so just the littlest thing can really throw you off. I still use these around the house a lot.

Blue-light blocking glasses  Like almost all of Bar prep is you staring at a computer screen all day, every day. These are really cheap and will help prevent a lot of eye tiredness.

Desk fan  Hey Bar prep is during the summer so you're probably going to be extra sweaty during the day. And you're going to be living in your study area anyways so you might as well make yourself at home. Yes I did get the one that told me the time and temperature and yes I did use those features like daily.

Blanket  On the other hand, if your library cranks the AC on full blast all day or your study area gets cold in the evenings, this is great to have to snuggle up with and be comfortable. It's also great for mid-day naps.

Convertible pillow   Ohmygod I used this thing so much during Bar prep! I would hold on to it and cuddle it while I was watching videos, I would sit on it when my butt got tired, and I would use it for naps because it worked perfectly whether I had to nap sitting up or could lay down. 

Snack box   I had used this box in my spring 3L semester apartment in a drawer but didn't need it at my Bar prep apartment so I brought it to my little study room. I liked that it kept my study area organized. I had smart pop for munchies, beef jerky for protein, kind bars for my sweet tooth, and starbucks hibiscus fresher mix for energy.

Really, I think that's all I needed. Bar prep is pretty low key and only lasts for a few months so you really don't need a whole new set of study supplies. Oh, but obviously you'll want a full set of pens and highlighters

For exam day itself, basically everything I listed in this post is what you'll need.