August 21, 2015

Law School Orientation Day 4

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What I Wore

Today was the day that we had to dress business casual for taking a pledge to be official students in what really reminded me of the pledge I took the day I joined my sorority. Right before I needed to leave, I got dressed and then accidentally got deodorant on my satin shirt from Express (pictured, because I fixed it!) and my attempts to clean it just made it worse. So I ended up wearing my dress suit pants and a chiffon button down. My mom suggested just wearing my suit jacket to cover the deodorant grease, but I felt like with the jacket would make it too business professional. I'm glad I decided against this because almost every girl was wearing either a pencil skirt with a blouse or suit pants with a blouse. However, I did see a few girls who either were wearing too short of a skirt, too tight of a skirt, too low-cut of a top, or too high of heels. Last spring, I was walking through the Dillard's Spring Sale and found a pair of Giani Bini shoes that are perfect. They're black leather, with 3 inch heels and lots of padding so they're all around comfortable for long-term wear.

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Day 4 was kinda rough for me because although I've met some nice people, I haven't had instant best friends like I did at the beginning of my undergrad thanks to my sorority. I'm hoping that once I rejoin Phi Alpha Delta I can meet more people that can be genuine friends. It's difficult also because I am 6 hours away from my school, and today I really noticed how other schools are much better represented here. At one point, I was surrounded by at least 12 people who were all bonding over the fact that they went to the same school. Honestly it is making me really homesick for my old school because every single one of my friends are either still in undergrad there or are in grad school there; and then there's me. You know how during her first semester Elle Wood's only good friend was her manicurist and she had to sit alone in class? Yep, that's me.

Talking With 3Ls

During lunch after our pledge, they sat 3 3L's at every table and I got to talk to them. It was frustrating when I would as one a question about how they do something and over and over again I would get, "It just depends. Everyone is different. You just have to figure out what works for you." Hellooo I know this but I asked how you do something so I can consider if it's a good tactic for me or not. I did find out that apparently the 3L's only had a 1-day orientation, the year before me had a 2-day orientation, and this was the first year that they decided on a full-fledged orientation. Other people at my table kept asking them about whether or not they should get involved in student organizations, and how to time manage with being in student organizations. I was in a sorority and a pre-law fraternity so I'm good with making time for chapter meetings, but I guess a good portion of my classmates weren't that involved in college. 

Final Thoughts

One of the 3L's got excited because she said that she was in Section A too and maybe it's the inner PNM in me, but I really want to know if there was a method to the way they broke us up into sections and subsections for our Legal Research and Writing class... A girl I sat with and I looked up our professors on rate my professor and all of them were at least 4/5 and were ranked really high for clarity and helpfulness, just not so much for easiness (which is to be expected). We also got official leather portfolios today so I feel super official now. 

Also, our professor broke down the "hard curve" that will be in our class and it went like this:

There's about 75 students in my section
He'll consider our one grade from the final and our overall performance in class and number us 1-75
#37 gets a B-
About 10%, or 7 whole people, get B+ to A's
About 10% get C- to F's

I'm comforted knowing that only 7 people will fail, but I'm discouraged that there's a really good chance that I'll be a C student :/

Final Thoughts

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  1. First off, welcome to law school! Its a wonderful ride. I remember these days, and I want to tell you not to worry! I started my 3L year on Thursday and I can remember starting 1L year like it was yesterday. You will make friends, I came to law school from a tiny college that has only ever had like four students go to law school from it ever (in over 100+ years of existence). Being in PAD will help. I made some of my most genuine friends after I joined and they are the people I am closest to now. If your school has a Women in Law chapter it is worth it to join in. As far as the C student thing, i was very discouraged after my first semester when I walked away with only C's and B's to show for my hard work. A 3L gave me some really good advice. She told me that C's are average, and that being average among the extraordinary is not something to be ashamed of. The fact that you got into law school shows that you are an exceptional person, and that you aren't and idiot. So if you wind up being a C student, that's not the same thing as being a C student in undergrad (a thought that would have terrified me, i mean really if i got B's in undergrad I thought my world was ending... I'm a bit of a perfectionist). Sorry for the long comment! Good luck in Law School and try to enjoy this year. You only get one 1L year and you should make the most of it.

    Also I love your blog!

    1. Telsa, thank you soo much for your encouraging words! I've actually considered joining Women in Law after seeing their fliers, and now I definitely will join. Thank you for your advice over being an average student. I really was starting to freak out with the rest of my section when I found out how likely it was to get "mediocre" grades, so I'm glad that you put it in that perspective to me! And of course, thank you for being so nice :)