October 7, 2016

How to Stay Fit in Law School

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Confession time: I gained the freshman fifteen in college (ok, a teensy bit more than that). And then at the end of my first semester my 1L year, I noticed that my oversized sorority shirts weren't quite so baggy anymore and realized that I had gained over 5 pounds just that semester. I wasn't completely surprised, I was stress eating and had been stressed a lot. Not only that, but I was spending a ton of time at home reading, and usually snacking around as I read. 

I knew that if I didn't change something, pretty soon I'd have the 3L 30 (just made that up haha). So I started eating healthier and working out more my 2nd semester. Working out when stressed instead of stress eating turned out to help so much. Instead of feeling guilty on top of being stressed, I felt like I was combating my stress and my weight insecurities all in one. Plus, exercise gives you endorphins ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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 The easiest way to get into a habit of working out every day is to fit it into your routine. My 1L year I would come home from my last class, change, then go work out. My 2L year I started setting my alarm for an hour earlier and would wake up, workout, then go to class. When I work out, I typically go through 3 phases: 1) wanting to be healthy so I do a lot of cardio, 2) wanting to tone up so I do a lot of weights, and 3) being tight from weights so I do a lot of yoga
Running is my personal favorite way to exercise because you don't have to think of your next move like in yoga or count reps like with weightlifting. You just can get lost in the music and let your brain take a break. If you hate running, my first suggestion to you is to go outside because running around a park is a lot less depressing than running in one place for 30 minutes.

3 products to improve your run. running tips. running for beginners tips. how to stay healthy in law school | brazenandbrunette.com

One of the best things I got when I started running again were these wireless headphonesbecause it is seriously the worst when the movement of your arms catches a wire and rips an earbud from your ear and it feels like it took your whole ear off with it. I also used to hate how the wires would bounce around while I ran, so much that I would run my headphones under my shirt to keep them tucked in. These headphones in particular have one short wire that connect the earbuds that runs behind your head, so it stays out of your way. 

Update: I just got a pair of Apple AirPods and they are definitely worth the investment!!

And because the headphones connect wirelessly to your phone, you can put that away when you run too. I loathe those stupid armband phone holders because they trap all of your sweat and begin to slide down your arm and are too big of a pain to get your phone out to use your phone. I recently started running with this running belt instead and it is so so so much better. The band goes under your shirt so no one even knows you have anything on you. It doesn't slide around and thankfully doesn't trap sweat either. And because it's so big, I can keep the clicker to my car in there instead of having it rattle around in my bra.

Another thing that I now can't run (or live) without is my Apple watchIt tells me my pace, heart rate, and how long I've been running. I can set a countdown for a certain distance, and it'll even pause the run when I stop to tie my shoe. And it also can connect to my headphones and play music so I could run without my phone, if I wanted to. And since I decided I want to be healthier, I use it daily to try to reach my steps goals.

If you feel like you run and run but never lose weight, you might consider drinking a protein shake after you run. Just add a scoop of protein powder (this is what I love) into a blender bottle and add water. It helps your body turn fat into muscle and helps you get lean muscle. I also sometimes will drink a half shake about 45-30 minutes before I run and I've found that helps me not get so tired as I run.

tips on how to stay fit in law school plus 3 things to help improve your run and how losing 10 pounds in a semester saved me money | brazenandbrunette.com

1. Stop eating out. Like as much as possible. None, if you can. Eating out may seem cheaper, but for me, eating at home is cheaper. For example, all of the ingredients for a PB&J costs about $10 total but makes you 10 meals, so that's $1/400 calories for a meal. But at McDonald's, a meal of a burger, fries, and a drink for only $6 may seem cheap, but that's $6/800 calories for a meal.

And think about it-- if you really want a burger, then going to the store and buying patties and buns with be better than getting something that has lots of preservatives so you don't notice it's been under a heating lamp. 

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2. Pay attention to portions. Obviously this is always mentioned when you want to lose weight, but here's how it saves you money. Say you buy a package of chips. A bag of chips has about 16 servings in it, which theoretically should last you at least 16 days even if you eat them every day. But if you're not measuring out these portions, this bag will only last you a couple of days and then you'd have to pay to buy more again. See?? 

How I portion things out is I'll go ahead and measure out each serving of the entire bag and put it in a little snack bag. Then I can visually see how many portions I'm having, or if I'm in a rush I'll already have a little snack poured out and ready to go!

3. Drink only water. Being from Texas, I have a slight Dr. Pepper addiction. That first semester, I would drink one at lunch and then have another one after school as I was reading. I finally decided to cut that habit and it saved me more money than I realized. Every day I was spending $4 and 400 calories on those drinks. This added up to $20 a week in savings!!



  1. Loved this post, and I'm so glad I found your blog during my 1L year. Quality posts. Can't wait for the next one!