October 13, 2015

Getting Called On in Law School

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Murphy's Law

Well it finally happened, and it wasn't that bad but honestly it kinda sucked. Of all the times, I was called on when we were behind the syllabus but I wasn't. So I was asked about a case that I had read 5 days before and I couldn't remember all of the details. That was embarrassing enough. 

Then my professor asked me to explain to the class an equation for the value of a future interest that I didn't understand at all. Super embarrassing. Since I was struggling, my professor moved on to the next student and asked him about the cases that I had just read last night.

Freaking Out

Not going to lie, I went home right after class and maybe chugged a glass of wine. I started freaking out thinking that my professor would consider this when working our final grade into the curve. And this may be true, but at least I struggled and hadn't blatantly not read or had not been in class when he called on me. 

Just gotta beat 7 people to be average right? A few classes ago my professor called on a girl and she had even less of a clue than I did and I feel like none of us judged her because we've all been there. At least I know that my class isn't too competitive to be friendly. Several people were nice enough to tell me good job after class!

Final Thoughts

As time goes on and I'm not called on in my other classes, I realize that my chances are increasing even though the material is getting harder. Being called on itself wasn't that bad. It was a little stressful knowing that the whole class was focused on me and that there wouldn't be anyone to step in and save me. Professors are using this as a way to have a conversation to teach you instead of just lecturing at you, and this isn't a definitive pop quiz that you either pass or fail. 


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