October 6, 2015

The Worst Law Students

After six weeks in, I've noticed that there's a few students who I just am not sure are going to be here next semester. We've even had such a problem with people showing up an hour late or taking coffee breaks in the middle of class that the dean had to send out an email telling people not to do this! I take law school very seriously, but it really feels like a few students aren't doing this at all.

Thinning out

I've noticed that my 8 am class is particularly empty, especially the first hour before our break. And already we've had the awkward moment when my professor calls on someone and they're not here. I just don't get how people are ok with skipping class. I'm paranoid to miss class because even when I think I have a good grasp on a concept, I always learn something more when I go to class. This is definitely different than undergrad because just getting the notes off of someone or just reading the book really won't cut it. 

Disruptive peers

the one with the pictures- there's a woman in my class who holds up her phone and takes a picture of every damn slide that my professors put up on the screen

the one trying to impress the professor- there's a man in my class that will bring up irrelevant topics legal and just go off for several boring minutes on them 

the one with too many questions- one woman in my class raises her hand and asks no less than 5 questions per class, and a lot of these are time-wasting questions that really should be saved for after class or during office hours

the one who talks to themselves- this is like sitting by someone who talks during a movie because you can't hear what any other students are saying to the professor since this person is trying to complete a professor's sentence

the one who has no concept of raising your hand- the problem with this is that during the socratic method a professor is trying to have a conversation with one student and is directing his questions to that student, so it's very annoying when someone just blurts out their answers before the student had a chance to answer

the one who clicks- it's pretty distracting when your professor is lecturing and someone beside you is clicking on their mouse 800 times like what you do when you creep through a Facebook album


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