January 5, 2018

The Best Law School Backpacks

The Best Backpacks for Law School. the best 5 law school backpacks. law school backpacks under $100. New Backpacks for the New Semester. what to keep in your law school backpack. law school supplies. what backpack do I need for law school. | brazenandbrunette.com

Hi friends! So my first 1L year semester I just used my college backpack but it wasn't quite big enough so I ended up carrying more books in my hand than in my backpack, which led to me deciding to invest in a bigger and better backpack. I've had quite a few emails/comments asking what I'd suggest so here's my overall advice: it needs to be sturdy (so it won't rip under the weight of the books), spacious (so it can fit all your books), and strong (so it will be supporting the weight of your books instead of just your back). If you're looking for a new backpack, here's some great finds of what my friends and I actually use!

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Jon Hart Large Backpack

Jon Hart backpack - The Best Backpacks for Law School. the best 5 law school backpacks. law school backpacks under $100. New Backpacks for the New Semester. what to keep in your law school backpack. law school supplies. what backpack do I need for law school. | brazenandbrunette.com

I'm listing this first just because this is the exact backpack that I have. I really really like Jon Hart because it's coated canvas which means it's waterproof (okay so like technically water resistant, but still way better than normal material). True story my 1L year this girl and I both left the school at the same time and it was pouring, neither of us had umbrellas, our can were on the other side of the parking lot, and we had to make a run for it with no protection. Her books and notebooks got major water damage and she really lucky that her laptop didn't drown but everything in my backpack was perfectly dry. Once you've paid $400 for a book you really want to keep it safe. Plus, these come monogrammed and with a ton of color options so 😍 One downside to the coated canvas is that it isn't stretchy so you can't squeeze in anything that's too big. If you get this backpack their pouch makes the perfect pencil bag because it perfectly fits in the front zipper since it's flat and after school it makes a great makeup bag.

North Face Borealis Backpack

There's lots of great North Face backpacks, but I feel like the Borealis is definitely the one that I see the most people wearing. This backpack is great for law school because it's definitely roomy enough to fit your books and notebooks and everything else plus it has super thick straps to help with the heavy lifting. And when I was studying abroad, a lot of people had these as carry-on bags for their flights. I've even seen a lawyer wear a black version of this into court during trial because he had a lot of paperwork to bring in. Other good North Face options are the Jester backpack, Recon backpack, Vault backpack, and Pivoter backpack.

Patagonia Yerba Backpack

Patagonia is another sporty/outdoorsy brand so their backpacks are made to hold everything plus some. The Yerba backpack is really deep so if you have really tall books or a legal pad, they'll easily fit. Plus the padding on the straps and the entire back of this are super thick so it will be super comfortable carrying around a huge load of books.  Another great option is the Blackhole backpack because the name says it all. The Refugio backpack is another option if you'd rather have more than one zipper (like the North Face one I was just talking about).

Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack 

Swiss backpacks are super iconic for a reason and this one has a spot in the back for your laptop so it can't be damaged by you taking your books in and out a thousand times. I personally like a backpack sectioned off into compartments so I can have one for electronics, one for books, and one for notebooks so if you're like me you'll like this backpack. If you are always having a lot of books to take with you, a larger backpack like the Victorinox is a bigger option so it can hold more. But my advice is just because your backpack can hold all of your books doesn't mean you should load it down. What I try to do is carry whichever book is for the class I'm going to next in my hands just to lighten the load on my back and shoulders. 

Samsonite Business Backpack

Lol at this point I just noticed that the bags are going from cute and colorful to kinda boring, but this backpack is a good investment because let's be real in the legal world boring = professional so you would be fine wearing this to work if you had a lot of walking in your future. It's also great for carrying your books from your car to your class every day because it's really large and has a lot of padding. If you're into rolling backpacks, they also make this wheeled backpack for you to pull all your books in. And since it's Samsonite, you know it's a great brand that'll last you.

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