May 9, 2016

Ways to De-Stress in Law School

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No surprise here, but sometimes law school will test you mentally, physically, and emotionally. When I had a graded midterm to study for and my appellate brief due around the same time, it definitely was testing me on all three at the same time. This is a high-stakes game you're playing, and your career is on the line. So yeah, you're going to need to figure out a way to minimize the frantic calls to your best friend where you just cry for like 15 minutes straight. 

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Working Out

Way back at the beginning of last semester, I decided that I was going to try to do yoga every day because it's known as being relaxing. About a month into school, a traffic detour on my way home sent me right past this beautiful park that's right near my house. I mean, this thing has a lake filled with geese and everything. I noticed that it had a running track around it and decided to make myself either jog or walk every day.
Nothing against yoga, but I'm liking this so much more. Because I study at my apartment for the most part, I realized that I was spending practically all of my time at home. But I do try to remember to do a yoga video every once and a while. Remember: exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy :) 

If you need inspiration for creating a workout playlist, here's mine:

Getting a Hobby

I'd never even thought about this until I got to talking with a friend in class the other day. She was telling me about how she loves that we don't have Friday classes because she gets to work on her paintings then. Sometimes school can feel never-ending, so a hobby is a nice little light at the end of the tunnel. 

I guess you can technically say that Brazen is a hobby of mine because I mess around with it pretty frequently, but I feel like I'd be a try-hard to say that I'm a blogger sooo idk. Back in undergrad, my favorite after-class hobby was hammocking. A friend and I would always go grab some donuts and head to a park where we'd set up hammocks and spend an hour or so just relaxing and chatting.


If you don't stay on top of your readings, they will become your worst nightmare. I highly suggest that you invest in a planner that has lots of room to write for each day, and write out what you're going to read. If you fall even a week behind, either your readings are going to pile up and you'll be stuck with reading 50 pages or you're going to be completely embarrassed in class. Figure out what you need to do each day and get it done!

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This is absolutely my mom coming out in me, but trust me when I say that keeping your place clean will help your stress. After a full day of class, if you come home to an apartment with dishes in the sink and trash overflowing, all you're going to see is just something extra you have to do on top of everything else you have to get done that night. Do a little something everyday to keep it in check and it won't turn in to this massive project to get it smelling normal again.

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Finding Me Time

For me, that's an all-out bubble bath once a week. I'm talking bubbles, bath salts, candles, a bottle of Andre, and watching Netflix on my iPad. I even bought a suction cup wine class holder and water overflow cover and they were game changers. It's a nice little reward to myself for making it through each week. I get to just sit and think about nothing and do nothing. It's great.  Whatever you come up with, just make sure that you allow yourself to relax and remember that you earned this break. 

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Also, here's my bubble bath playlist. Its tempo the exact opposite of the playlist above. 

Starting Your Morning With a Smile

If you're a dog person, Buzzfeed has a subscription that you can sign up for and receive an email full of cute dogs every morning (sign up here; link is at the bottom). Or if you're a cat person, you can sign up for their weekly newsletter and get emails of cute kitties (sign up here; again, scroll to the bottom). It's nice to wake up every morning and be instantly put in a good mood before you head off to class.

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