March 30, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Law School

Law school questions. How boring is law school? How hard are law school tests? Feeling overwhelmed in law school? When to study for the LSAT? How to study for the LSAT? What GPA do you need for law school? What are my chances of getting into law school? Is where you go to law school important? Does study abroad help you get into law school? Can you go to law school if you went to a junior college? How much do law school books cost? What classes should I take in law school? What school supplies do I need in law school? How much is law school? |

I have one friend who is a Junior and considering going to law school and one friend who has just applied for law school. They both asked me a lot of questions, so I figured that if they were wondering then someone else out there might have the same question! As always, if you have any more questions feel free to comment below or use the email feature on the right side to ask me anything! 

how boring is law school |

Law school is surprisingly not that boring. Most of the cases have a very interesting story behind them and are pretty amusing. It also helps that you're reading about something that you're interested in. Classes can get a little boring when you don't have these entertaining cases but then you move on to a more interesting subject after a few classes.

how hard are law school tests |

Studying for finals is actually easier because you've been reading all semester so all you have to do is review instead of relearn concepts. But in some ways it's harder because the questions make you think but you don't have time to think. This is especially true for an issue spotter, which is basically just a mini story that you have to read and figure out what rules from class apply to this situation. They're also somewhat harder because the final is 100% so you don't know how you're doing in a class until the next semester when you get your grades.

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do you feel overwhelmed in law school |

Law school is a big step up from undergrad because there is no way that you can not read or skip class and still survive. And when you go to class, you can't be on Facebook or texting either. That being sad, law school truly isn't as bad as you worry. You just have to read every night, and that's totally manageable.

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Don't worry that you have to spend hours overanalyzing everything the book mentions or writing down every word your professor says! Just put in some effort and you'll notice that you're actually learning a lot.

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when to study for the LSAT |

A lawyer came to my Pre-Law fraternity and gave us some advice about this. He said it's better to study during the summer so that you can focus just on the LSAT and make sure that score is as high as you can get it and also it keeps your GPA up since you're not spreading yourself too thin. My biggest regret is that I took the course online. It's very easy to not pay attention when you're not there in person, and this is one thing that you don't want to mess up on.

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how to study for the LSAT |

I personally took a Kaplan class to study for the LSAT. Every now and then you'll hear a person say that these classes are a waste of your time and money because you can just buy the book and do it on your own. Most people can't just teach themselves concepts like this and really master how to do it correctly. I really encourage people to actually take a class. Yes, it costs about $1000 and takes a few months, but it can really make a difference. And this is important because one or two points on your LSAT might make or break your acceptance chances. Prepare for the LSAT as if you have a 2.0 GPA and your acceptance relies on it! 

GPA and getting into law school |

One thing that I didn't realize during my undergrad is that any grade replacement you do might boost your undergrad GPA, but for your LSAC GPA both grades will actually appear. That means that if you replace a D with a B, your LSAC GPA will have both factored in. The higher grade obviously helps, but not as much as a replacement. Try in your classes as if you can only make a 130 on your LSAT and that your GPA depends on you getting in!

what are my chances of getting into law school |
  • Login to
  • Click the Apply tab
  • On the bottom left under My Applications, click on Search for Schools
  • Click Search Official Guide
  • Enter in your raw GPA and LSAT score and click Search Now
It will give you your percentage of being accepted to every accredited law school based on your grades and score. Then you can also see how much you need to raise your grades or scores to increase your changes of getting into a particular school!

is where you go to law school that important |

For big firms yes, for little firms, not as much. Big firms will go to the major schools and offer jobs to their top 20%. For smaller firms it really helps that there's alumni there so the bigger schools have a bigger alumni base. 

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study abroad and getting into law school |

Studying abroad in no way gave me a leg up, but it did give me something interesting to throw into my personal statement and add to my transcript. But it is in no way necessary and don't feel like you have to do it!

LSAC says it wouldn't recommend you sending in a copy of your transcript because you didn't achieve enough hours to substantiate actually receiving a transcript from abroad. But some schools ask that you send them all. It will probably depend on how many hours you took. A few classes probably won't be enough that a transcript is required, but if you were ever a full time student you'll probably need one. If you're ever unsure, you can ask your specific law school.

junior college and getting accepted into law school |

Definitely don't think that not going to a major university will hurt your chances of getting into law school! Admissions only looks at your grades and doesn't say oh well Student A got a 3.0 from Harvard and Student B got a 4.0 from a community college, so we'll let in Student A since Harvard was harder. And if you took any summer classes or anything at a JuCo, you might not have to send in a transcript if it was only a few hours.

how much do law school books cost |

Books are pretty expensive in law school. However, almost all of my classes were year long instead of semester long, so one book lasts two semesters. And you can get a used book that has some highlighting already done for you. I definitely recommend not renting a book. My first semester I rented a book and ended up paying fines because I highlighted too much. 

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what classes should I take in  law school |

All 1Ls take the same classes. And your school will divide you into sections, and you and your section will all have the exact same schedule. You don't have to sign up for anything and are automatically enrolled in every basic class. But if you drop by a professor's office hours, they're probably give you a good recommendation for a professor of a class that you're interested in for next year.

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Fitted Pant Suit
    I've already used mine for when I volunteered to help my professor's contracts convention, moot court, and an interview. Make sure that you buy from the same brand instead of mixing and matching pieces, because black can be a hard color to match. Getting it tailored sounds expensive but that $30 really makes you look like you have your life together. 

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    I personally would recommend an old-fashioned backpack, just make sure it's roomy enough to fit your laptop and a few 800 page books. An oversized purse just isn't as easy to carry. I've seen people with carry-on type briefcases and rolling backpacks, but I don't really think those are any easier to lug around your books.

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Light Laptop
   You're going to have some hefty books to lug around, so the extra weight of a laptop will just add to this. I'm in LOVE with my MacBook Air because of how light it is!

     I never used highlighters in undergrad, and now I use a TON of them. Even if you don't think you'll use them, go ahead and buy a pack that has a pretty large variety of colors. Same goes for colored pens. Trust me, you will find reasons to use them!

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Printer and Paper
    I got this wireless printer and I LOVE IT! You never know what you're going to have to print out at 2 AM, so trust me that this is a good investment.

Updated Wardrobe
    I had to stand up and discussed a case wearing an oversized sorority shirt and from that day on I always made sure that I was dressed nicely for class. It doesn't have to be business casual, but I'd advise that you look put together.

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Study Space
    When you have around 80 pages to read each night, you're going to want to have a few really good study spaces set up. I read at my little desk, on my couch, and at the library most often. 

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how much is law school |

If you applied for a FASFA, you will get a basic $10,000 loan per semester. I also got a loan through Sallie Mae to cover the additional costs. Major banks and credit card companies will give you better rates on loans if you already use them, so you might consider that. You also should see if your parents will co-sign your loan so that you can get a lower interest rate. Right now I'm saving a little money each month to pay back on my loans to try to keep my principal as low as possible. 

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