March 17, 2016

I'm baaaack

Hey, What's Up, Hello

So last semester I meant to blog though Midterms, my Legal Research and Writing Memo, and Finals. Unfortunately everything crept up at once and I was majorly overwhelmed and honestly even forgot about Brazen until this week when all of my friends who are Seniors in undergrad started getting accepted into law schools and my Junior friends started thinking seriously about pursuing law schools. In the past two weeks random friends have been coming out of the woodwork like crazy with tons of questions. 

And then I remembered this! I knew if my friends had questions and concerns, then someone else out there in the world probably has the same, and maybe you don't know anyone to ask. Or maybe you're like me and want a million opinions before making a decision. 

It also made me feel like a badass when I saw that my law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, had repinned one of my blog posts! So maybe a few of you are here because you fell for that clickbait :) 

Now that I just finished my LRW brief, I'm going to have a smidgen of extra time to keep this updated. But spoiler alert: I ended up not attempting to transfer back to my alma mater so I won't have any insight on that. Expect me to be posting on Sundays again and keep commenting/emailing me if you have anything you want to talk about! 

Oh, and my new favorite thing to wear to class are dresses. T-shirt dresses, piko dresses, and maxis are prefect because they're comfortable but still look put together.

Spring Semester Update

This is my course load for this semester:

These were all 3 hours last semester, but are 2 hours now 
(except LRW)

No longer taking Civil Procedure

New Classes
     -Criminal Law
     -Constitutional Law
(these are 4 hour classes)

Oh and 3 months into my second semester of Torts and I STILL haven't been called on once in there ever!


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