October 24, 2015

2 Months Down

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Women's Law Association

We had our 2nd WLA meeting, and this time it was a panel of three women lawyers. The classes they said that helped them the most were writing intensive that prepared you for the motions and memos that you'll have to write, and mock trial/moot courts that prepare you for public speaking in the legal field. They also touched on how as a young and single female lawyer, you will have people being prejudice against you such as confusing you as a court reporter or opposing council trying to personally attack and intimidate you. They also mentioned how you unsure of yourself you'll feel until you win your first case. Their advice on balancing children and a work life was to scale back at work initially, and then don't be hard on yourself if you have to hire help to make sure that your kids get the attention they need.

Cases on cases

I loved HTGAWM before I came to law school, and I still do but I definitely feel like it's not realistic at all. My professors spend a good majority of the time going over the cases that were assigned and the main rules of law they want us to know for their tests, like in Legally Blonde when the professors were always discussing the cases with their class. And there's no way I'm believing that these guys have time to get their readings done while covering up murders. 

This got me thinking, so I counted how many cases I've had to read just in my two short months here. Granted some where only half a page, but others were several pages long. So far I've read 29 Contracts cases, 26 Civ Pro cases, 62 Torts cases, 31 Property cases, and 14 cases for LR&W. That's 162 cases so far. I still laugh at my undergrad self for sliding by barely opening the books.

Section C love

While waiting to get my fingerprints scanned for the Dec ($10 more to this stupid thing) I met a lot of people outside of my section. I haven't really been clicking with anyone in my section, and the ironic part is that when I met them they were talking about how my section wasn't that close. This was confirmed when 10 minutes later a woman from my section stood in line right behind me and when I talked about our Civ Pro professor she asked if I had him too and I was like Yeah I'm in your section.... 

Everyone I met from Section C was very friendly and they all seemed to really get along. After chatting with them while we had to wait for a whole damn hour, they went so far as to add me to their section's Facebook group because apparently they all hang out a lot. I'm glad I met them because they're really so much nicer than the people in my section and I'm glad to have more friends here. 


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