April 2, 2018

Law School Motivational Prints

#motivationalmonday motivational quotes and prints to get you ready to tackle the upcoming finals! etsy motivational quotes. motivational print decor. motivational study space | brazenandbrunette.com

Hi loves and happy #motivationalmonday! I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend because I have some bad news for you... finals are a comin'-- for you, not me, because I'm done with finals for life! So even though this is bad news, I thought today I'd share some motivational prints to either put up in your study space of save as your laptop wallpaper to get you fired up and ready to tackle finals!!

Okay haha I'm going to stop now because if you've seen my other Etsy post then you know I can sometimes get sucked into Etsy and will go on and on if I didn't stop myself. And obviously this is just a small sampling because Etsy has tons of great prints! Anyways I'm going to stop rambling now haha but if you like motivational quotes, I have a Pinterest board for you!


  1. I definitely will try La Croix, I am also not a fan of sparkling water but I have been looking to sub out some of my soda intake and it sounds as if this is worth a try.