September 11, 2017

Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box Review

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After a little back and forth, I decided to subscribe to Fab Fit Fun this summer! I had just got paid so I made the jump and subscribed for a full year of boxes, one each season (you get a discount for paying yearly). I'm at the awkward part of law school where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet I still feel like school will never end (probably since I've been going to school non-stop since I was 3). I thought the FFF box could be a little reward to myself for making it through each of these next semesters and then surviving each few months in the real world after that. 

I signed up too late to get the Summer 17 box (bummer), so instead they sent me the Editor's Box. After messaging with Libby of Blondegalese, who I've designated as my FFF go-to guru, I've found out that the Editor's Box is basically like your welcome package and has a few items that were popular in the last box plus some other little extras. I've finally played around with all of my items long enough that I can write about them! The Fall 17 boxes are shipping this week so if you're interested in FFF, sign up now 😄

The FFF company

First off let me say that this is a great company! I got excited and subscribed to FFF before Libby had the chance to send me a referral code so I could get $10 off my order. All I had to do was email them explaining what happened and give them mine and Libby's email address and they retroactively applied the discount for me!

Not only this, but their site is great. You get access to a ton workout video. Plus they send out little emails with everything from tips on how to use the products you receive (styling inspo) to recipes to articles on how-to life from the FFF magazine. I wish they would include this little magazine in our boxes though instead of it just being all online because I forget to go online. The only little booklet they include is just an insta roundup from people posting pictures with your box (maybe someday I'll make it on here). So overall, yeah I like the company behind the box.

Michael Stars Ruana

I'll be honest with y'all, when I first pulled this out I thought it was just a lightweight scarf/shoulder wrap and was like yeah I probably won't be using this unless I travel back to Europe. But then I found the little slits on the side and realized that this is perfect to turn into a skirt cover-up for going to the pool. Usually I wear a sorority tank over my swimsuit so I did feel a little overdressed, but I got a lot of compliments on it from all the other girls in sorority tanks! My goal is to take a much needed beach vacay or cruise after I take the Bar next year and I'm already planning on packing this with me.

bkr Little Water Bottle

This is a glass water bottle, but I'm not too worried about breaking it because it comes with a cute neon-pink rubber sleeve which is basically like a koozie. I've only used this for water once because I drink well over a gallon every day (it's like the one healthy thing about me) and I drank all of this in like 15 minutes while chatting with a friend. But I've found a better use for it! It's now my go-to bottle to pack orange juice in when I pack a brunch picnic and need mimosas. The mouth hole is a little small so if you do this make sure you get a funnel!

Spongellé Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer

This has been Ryan's favorite thing that I got haha! I shaved and then used this up and down my legs and he said it makes my legs sooo smooth. I even convinced him to use it a little on his feet because they're scratchy and I'm glad that it works on guys too. I've been using this one bath a week since I got it and it still hasn't fallen apart so it's definitely long lasting. PS- if you watched the live boxing video, I realized that this is what made the box smell so good

RealHer Playbook Eyeshadow Pallete

Makeup was the number one reason why I didn't want to get FFF because I don't need a box of makeup since that's always been my mom's go-to stocking stuffer for me at Christmas. At first when I got this I was like well I don't really need this and was a wee bit annoyed that I'd paid for something I didn't need. 

But then I remembered how I had been planning on buying a new travel-size Naked palette to keep in my travel makeup bag and now I didn't have to! This summer I've decided to keep a bag of smaller makeup items that are always packed so that I don't have to be constantly loading and unloading all of my makeup for each trip, so this worked out perfectly. The only thing that I thought was a little weird about this was that the lid said Do Your Squats and I'm just very confused as to why that's on a makeup palette?? 

LUV AJ Full Bloom Lariat

To be honest with y'all, this was my least favorite item that I got in my box. On the little survey they had me do, I put that I didn't really want that much jewelry because besides my Kendras or my pearls I usually don't wear jewelry. This is like a body chain and I don't really have a reason to wear those but I do wish I would've had it when I went to Vegas. The reason why I it's not my favorite is because the chain chinks really easily and I tried hard to make it straight for the picture but I just couldn't get it to go.

Dr. Brandt Pore Dermabrasion

I was instantly excited when I pulled this out of the box because a beauty blogger that I follow has mentioned this before and she has pretty expensive taste so I knew I was getting a steal with this! I've been using it just once a week since my skin gets dry easily, but I can really tell a difference. My problem area is always my nose so I was really excited when I saw how well this cleaned out and minimized my pores. 

One warning about this product- don't use it right before a big day. I had originally planned on using it on my back-to-school spa night but couldn't wait and ended up using it that night and I'm glad I didn't wait! Even though I clean my face daily with my Clarisonic, this made my face breakout pretty bad. But that's a good think and it wasn't because it was a reaction or anything, it's just that it got all the junk that was down in my pores. I'm glad that I got all of that out and my skin was really great for the first day of school!

Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Protection Heat Protectant Crème

This was another thing that I was super excited to pull out! I'm trying to grow out my hair right which means I'm trying to go longer and longer between hair trims. See normally people tell you to actually go get your hair trimmed if you want your hair to grow out, but what they're really saying is that you need to get rid of your split ends. But a better strategy would be to just prevent split ends so there's nothing that needs to be trimmed. 

My hair stylist told me that if I wanted to stop getting so many trims, I would need to start using a heat protectant on my hair. So long story short I've been wanting to get this before I got it and I just hand't gotten around to it. I got my hair trimmed right before I got this and ever since I have been using this after every shower. Because of work, I basically have been either straightening or curling my hair every single day and my ends are still smooth AF so I'm very happy I started using this.

Manna Kadar Lucky Lip Locked Stain

At first I wasn't sure I'd even like his because it looks a lot more like lip gloss than lip stain. When I was like 15 I was obsessed with Victoria's Secret lip gloss, so I feel like a decade later I should definitely be passed that. But luckily this isn't too glossy (although it is shiny) and the color is a great color. I had been planning to just buy some makeup here and there so that I could fill up my makeup travel bag without having to spend a lot of money, but it looks like FFF is helping me out. 

Milly Zip Pouch

This was another item that really made me wish that I was going to the beach real soon. This pouch is actually surprisingly big and it can definitely hold a full swim suit. It's actually kind of smart to have so that you can change into dry undies instead of sitting in a wet suit all day so I'm excited to get to use this. Besides just using it as a swimsuit bag, it also would make a great makeup or toiletries bag while you're traveling! 

So that is all that was in my first FFF box and I'm excited that I should get my Fall box this week already! If you want to try Fab Fit Fun, you can sign up here or just click the picture below!


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