April 14, 2017

Where to Study for Finals

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Happy Good Friday, everyone! As excited as I am for this 4 day weekend, honestly a little bit of me died on the inside when I realized that I'd have to be packing my backpack along with my Easter dress because I have to study a little while I'm at home. Ugh, law school finals. However, the optimist in me saw this as a fresh studying scenery so I decided to make a post about study space options because I feel like everyone always forgets that you don't have to go to the library. Sometimes a change of location can shake up your attitude when you've been feeling blah going over law and more law and law again for so long.


This is my favorite place to study! Not only is the fresh air sooo much better than being inside a library, the atmosphere always makes me feel better! There's this big park that I love going to because I can find a huge tree to set up under that's far enough away from the playsets that I can focus without the screams of little kids. I take a roll up beach mat with me to sit on because it's thick enough to be comfortable on the hard ground and has a lumbar pillow with back support. The absolute best part about studying at a park is that you don't have wifi on your computer so it automatically takes away the temptation to slowly sneak over to Pinterest or any other distraction. And without being on wifi, you'd be surprised at just how long your laptop's battery can last! So it ends up being okay that you don't have an outlet to plug it in to.


The first rule of this is avoid the "party pool" — the pool at my friend's apartment is like a spring break pool party every day so that's definitely not the place you want to be studying. Luckily my apartment isn't brand new like hers so my pool is much quieter. I love to save all of my outlines to my iCloud docs and then lay out in a lounge chair and go over them or my flashcards on the Quizlet app on my iPad. Jumping in the pool during study breaks is amazing because the water is so relaxing and swimming around is great after being so still studying. I just make sure to bring two towels so that I can have one to dry off with and one to keep my iPad safe, but if you want to be extra safe you can always get a waterproof iPad case and then hey I guess you can study in the pool which would be pretty amazing! I also like to bring a few beers with me and then when I'm done studying for the day me and my friend have a little pool party 😎


In case you haven't noticed, studying outside is my favorite study trick. It's honestly really peaceful and I just love it. I recently got this patio coffee table set and outdoor rug for my apartment balcony and honestly I've been living out here ever since. In fact, right now I'm out here making this post haha. Even if your apartment doesn't have a balcony or a patio, I almost guarantee that it has some outdoor lounge area that you could use! Really the idea here is to just trick your mind into thinking that you're just lounging and relaxing so that studying for finals doesn't seem so bad. 

Apartment study lounge

I live in student housing so my apartment building has a little study lounge that is always empty. It's perfect because it has little study rooms you can lock yourself in with a huge table and computers and a dry erase board. Last semester, me and a few friends took total advantage of this and basically just camped out here for a few days. Two of them weren't in law school so I'd stay and save the space and study while they were taking a final and then they'd come back and do the same for me. It was also really nice being so close to my apartment so it wasn't some big waste of time if I had to go back to my room to get a jacket or find more highlighters. 

Your friend's place

This has a little of the best of both worlds because you're not at your own house so you don't instantly go into I'm-at-home lazy mode, but you're still in the comfort of a home. It's kinda like the mutual motivation you get when you have a workout buddy because you're like oh I gotta work as hard as her while she's thinking the same thing about you! It's also great because you're not out in public so you can spread out everywhere and if y'all don't want to wear pants, then you don't have to haha! Bring a bottle of wine with you for when y'all get done and I promise your friend will love you.


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    1. Thank you Linda!! I'm so glad you love my blog ❤️