June 15, 2016

20 Things I Learned About Law School as a 1L

After my 1L in Review post, I received lots of wonderful comments and emails from both excited 0L's and experienced 1L's, which naturally keep me thinking about all of the ups and downs of this past year. To share a little more about this past year, I thought I'd jot down just a few things that I've picked up along the way that might be helpful to you.

  1. You will have to re-learn how to be a great student again
  2. You actually have to go to class
  3. Your times of going out on a school night are over
  4. You can't get away with not buying the book anymore
  5. Any school supplies you used in college will pretty much be exactly what you use again 
  6. Law school is a graduate school, so people dress like it  
  7. It takes effort to stay connected with your friends after you graduate 
  8. There's a lot more people than you'd think don't go straight from college to law school so you might be amongst the youngest 
  9. "I'm in law school" is a great excuse when you don't want to go out
  10. You will forever think of things as a lawyer 
  11. 2L's and 3L's are a great resource 
  12. Law professors love to talk about themselves, so go to them for legal-field advice
  13. Going to office hours doesn't make you a suck-up
  14. Staying organized is the key to your sanity
  15. The quicker you confront your stress, the better
  16. Feel of failure is a great motivator
  17. You're going to think you'll flunk out a lot more frequently than you did in college
  18. You can still make good grades without overworking yourself
  19. Being ahead of the curve isn't as daunting as it seems
  20. Everything gets better after you finish your first final and you know what to expect

Feel free to comment below if you have anything else that you learned about law school. Oh and good luck to everyone in the Fall :)


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