July 27, 2015

WTFinancial Aid

paying for law school | brazenandbrunette.com

This morning I woke up to a letter from my dream school saying Welcome to Dream School and had information about financial aid. I got excited until I realized that A) this school is my alma mater so I'm not sure if I got this because of that or because B) for safety's sake I listed this school on my FASFA just in case I got accepted into it. Unfortunately, I still haven't heard that I've been moved from the waitlist. Speaking of financial aid...

paying for law school | brazenandbrunette.com

This is a screenshot of my actual tuition for this school year. To make things more intimidating, I will be paying for this by myself. I was fortunate enough that my parents paid for all of my undergrad, but I am officially cut off and have no clue what I'm doing.

I received a small scholarship from the school and an additional one from my high school that total to about $7,000 a year. This seems like a lot but is only a tiny dent into the 54K I'm about to shell out. I also applied for a FASFA and got $20,500 but that has a 5% interest starting now. Even more delightful is that apparently there are no law school government grants and the scholarships are very specific (certain race or certain concentration or even both) and aren't available until Spring semester... so now I get to venture out into the ever-popular world of massive, crippling student debt by myself for the first time :) 

Law school is becoming more daunting and stressful every week, and I haven't even gone to orientation yet. 


  1. Love your blog. I'm a year away from law school and feel for you. Saw that you added me on Pinterest can't wait to read more. Good luck.

    1. Whitney, thank you so much for your support! I just posted about things I wish I would've known when I was in your position, check it out and feel free to ask any questions or request anything you'd be interested in me sharing about! Mostly, enjoy your last year of college :)