May 22, 2016

How My Finals Went

Last finals post for a while, I promise! My finals were spread out over two weeks, with 2 the first week and 3 the next. Things started out fine, and I fully expected that my finals would be as easy as last semester. However, for some God awful reason, these ended up being worse, even though there was only one more final than what I took last semester. 

how my finals went |

how my finals went |

how my finals went |

how my finals went |

I think what ended up being the absolute worst part was that I legit ran out of time on my contracts final. It started out in very in depth paragraphs, I'm talking A material. Then I noticed that I only had 20 minutes left and had really only talked about 1 of the 4 main issues of the issue spotter. Next my paragraphs shrunk down to a few short and unelaborated sentences. When I realized that I only had 2 minutes left, all that I had time to do at that point was quickly jot down an outline of things that I would've mentioned and hope for the best. What's worse, is that after the time was up, all of my classmates and I were complaining about how we ran out of time/discussing what we did have time to put, and I realized that I hadn't put down near as much as I should've. 

The moral of this story is 
1. make the outline of what you'll write first, and then fill it in so that even if you run out of time you've at least mentioned everything 
2. don't talk about your final after you turn it in because it'll make you a nervous wreck for the next month

Right now, I'm not feeling too hot, so we'll see. The good news is that while we were talking about the test, a girl said that she did a GPA calculation and as long as we maintain a C- average we won't be on probation, so hopefully I can at least just get that. 


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