March 24, 2017

Law School Vlog Roundup

11 law school video bloggers from YouTube to watch before law school |

Hey everyone so today I was a little bored and I wound up on YouTube and of course I ended up watching like hours of videos about law school 😂 So I thought I'd share with y'all some of the videos that I found! For the most part, the vloggers are mostly just on YouTube for fashion/makeup or whatever and just happen to be in law school and share their experiences so that's why I'm sharing specific videos rather than their whole channels. These are all a theme of why law school/law school advice/what law school is like. Just because I'm sure y'all get tired of reading so much so here's a break from reading!

Jessica of Victoria's Closet

Mae of MaeBad


Ashley of Ashley Aloha

Kayla of CutesyGirl09


Krystina Christiansen


Amber Irene

Lynnea of LoveLynnea

Lily of LilyLike

Kameron Monet 

Brittany Ann


  1. Whoah, thanks for putting together this roundup. I had no idea people were creating things like this on the internet. Are these legal youtubers in the making??

  2. Thanks! I found videos from who were pre-law, law students, and law grads. Most of them have more videos about law school, but I just chose what I thought would be most helpful or relevant for this post. Also, I'm sure there's lots of other great YouTubers talking about law school, but I didn't want this post to be too long. If I find more, I might make a second post!