November 20, 2017

Library Necessities

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As I type this, my butt is numb because I've been sitting in this chair for over 7 hours straight. Yes that's right, it's time to live in the library! Since I need a lil study break, I thought I'd do a quick post over some lib necessities because really your whole study vibe can mess up when you're not prepared.

Of course, if you're over the library then check out my post on Where to Study for Finals for suggestions on where else to go!


I'm convinced that libraries only have two AC options, full blast in the summer or just turned off in the winter. No low setting, no heat when it's cold. Snuggies are the best because your full body can be warm but your arms are still free to highlight and type all night. Sure they might look a tad ridiculous, but at this point in the semester I bet you're rocking a greasy messy bun and sweats so we can all agree that looks don't count during the semester. 

Ear plugs

People ignore no talking signs. That's a fact. Ear plugs will allow you to block them out and will save you from having to shush people every 5 seconds. Some people swear by noise-canceling headphones but I've come to find that having no sound at all is way less distracting than even having study music on in the background. I keep a travel case with some ear plugs in my study carrel at all times and I think it really helps me get more done.

Every colored pen and highlighter you own

I usually keep my big stash of highlighters and colored pens in my house, but for a serious lib sesh I'll load them all up and take them on a little field trip. For some reason, I get very extra when I'm at the library. Idk if subconsciously I'm trying to use all these colors to show off like look at me color-coordinating I might as well run a studyblr or if it's just because I'm procrastinating by telling myself that I have to color-code before I even get started. Either way, go ahead and bring them all because you're going to want them.

Focus help

I use two little things to help me spend more time working and less time pinning on Pinterest. I've mentioned the first one in my Favorite Law School Apps post, but it deserves another shoutout. I have the Focus app on my phone and watch that helps me use the Podomoro study method of 25 minutes on-task and then a 5-minute break and repeat. It makes me take little breaks so I don't get burnt out or still, and then the "get back to work" alerts help me keep my study breaks from turning into an hour of doing nothing. The other thing is the Self Control app for my laptop. Basically you make a list of all of the sites that you know you shouldn't be on and it blocks those for you. If you're super serious about studying, you can use this app and then on your 5 minute breaks from studying, you can go on bathroom breaks or re-organize your to-do list. Basically you make the library 100% social media free.

Game plan

Here's literally exactly what I do when I get to the library so I can be my most productive. 

1. Turn on pocket points — Since my study app works on my watch, I turn on pocket points as another incentive to stay off my phone as much as possible. Plus I feel like getting a free cookie after several hours in the library is a pretty good reward for working hard.

2. Make a to-do list — I always go a little extra and write down more to-do's than I know is possible, because I'm the kind who will be like oh I only have one more thing to do tonight so I can take a longer break so I need the reminder to stay on-task. I also get extra and make to-do's about my to-do's. So like right now I'm writing a paper so I made a to-do list of every paragraph that I need to write and I'm checking them off as I go. This also helps because I jump around and don't write in order, so I need to make sure that I don't forget to go back and finish a paragraph.

3. Make a timeline — If you've got a lot going on, this will help. What I like to do is plan out and say okay I'll spend an hour outlining on this subject and then the next hour I'll review it. Then I'll move on to the next subject and do the same. Even if you just want to focus on one subject the entire time you're at the library, I really feel like planning out your to-do list will help it be more feasible and also will establish an end time. The end time helps because it can either be a motivation factor like okay only 3 more hours of making yourself do this crap and then you can take a bubble bath or will keep you reined in so you don't look up and realize that it's 3am and you have class in 5 hours and you just completely lost track of time.

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November 17, 2017

November Stitch Fix

Hi I know I'm behind but really that's because November is flying by and basically my whole life is flashing right before my eyes. I say all this because I recently got an email that my December fix is being sent so I figured I should probably get this post up haha. For a full explanation about Stitch fix, you can read my Stitch Fix Review, but basically what it is, is they pick 5 pieces for you a month (can be tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, purse, shoes) and mail them to you. 

You then try them on in your home and then within 3 business days you decide what you love and what you'll pass on and you mail back the ones that weren't you're favorite and then buy the ones you want to keep. How they've picked these pieces is that there's a stylist who you'll tell all about what you like to wear, what you want to try wearing, and what you don't like. I personally really like this because it's more efficient than going from store to store to store to try on a ton of clothes and it's more successful than guessing how something will fit and taking a chance with online shopping since you have an expert deciding what you need and what size you need it in based off what you've given them. So far my stylist Lili has hit it out of the park 2/2 times so I'm personally a happy customer.

Anyways, I just found out that for any fix ordered between now and Christmas day, they'll waive your styling fee so basically you can try it for free and if you end up hating all 5 pieces (although I seriously doubt that), you pay nothing since shipping is nothing! I've read your comments from those of you who are interested in it so I thought I'd share with y'all what I got :) Just use THIS link to make sure you get the promo! Oh and side note, I got my new Echo Look in like the same week that I got these so I thought this would be the perfect excuse to get to play around with that!

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Liverpool Bia Skirt

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Liverpool Bia Skirt |

My box got delivered while I was at class so when I ran home to change during my lunch break before work, I was very excited to rip this thing open and see what workwear I got. I saw this skirt and instantly was like yep this is what I'm wearing today! I'm glad I did because my coworker complimented my skirt like literally the minute that I walked through the door. I'm in love with this skirt because unlike normal pencil skirts, this one is super strechy so I'm not stuck being all awkward climbing into my car or picking something up off of the ground because I can actually move in this thing. Not only that, I really like the black and white pattern because it's less boring than a solid color but isn't too out there of a print (you'll see what I'm talking about in a second haha). Obviously this one was a keep! I couldn't find the exact skirt, but here's a similar one.

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Liverpool Bia Skirt |

Heartloom Chetna Cross Back Pullover

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Heartloom Chetna Cross Back Pullover | brazenandbrunette.comNovember 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Heartloom Chetna Cross Back Pullover |

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll on my Instagram story! For those of you who missed out, I was super torn about this sweater because it was so soft and warm and I really liked how it had the slight bell sleeves and an open back (which I found out looks better as just an open back than trying to pair it with a racerback bralette), but I wasn't the biggest fan of the stripes. This also was a little too loose on me so I had decided that if I was going to keep it then I would need to size down. In the end, I knew that the stripes just weren't happening for me so I decided to return it but I think I'm going to ask in my next box for something similar to this just a size smaller and without the stripes. I found a similar sweater here with the same sleeves that is still open back (just not as much).

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Heartloom Chetna Cross Back Pullover |

Just Black Addison Skinny Jean

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Just Black Addison Skinny Jean |

This is another piece that I included in the Insta story poll! In the request box on this fix I mentioned how I was looking for something for Thanksgiving and I know exactly why Lili picked these for me. These are jeggings which are super stretchy which would allow me to look cute for Thanksgiving dinner but still be comfortable with an extra full belly. I also loved these because I feel like olive-colored pants are having a moment right now so I was excited that she sent me something so on-trend. The reason why I felt like I needed y'all's help with these is that I was worried that they might be too trendy for me and also was concerned that I wouldn't know how to style it besides just with white and brown but literally every single person voted for me to keep them! If you are looking for some olive jeggings for Thanksgiving, here's a similar pair.

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Just Black Addison Skinny Jean |

41 Hawthorn Valentina Faux Leather Trim Blouse

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. 41 Hawthorn Valentina Faux Leather Trim Blouse |

Okay so here's the backstory behind this shirt. Not only did I request Thanksgiving pieces, but just for fun I threw in there that it'd be nice to maybe get something I could wear out to the bars when I go meet my friends for drinks (wishful thinking because I like never go out anymore #old #lawstudentprobs). I've actually seen some fashion bloggers wear blue leopard so I think this might be an upcoming trend, so I have to give Lili props for trying to help me be ahead of the trends and push my comfort level. I'll admit that it actually did look pretty cute with my faux leather leggings and booties, and the fabric was really great too, but I this top was just a little too much for me. She did include a dressed-up look suggestion with this top for a way to wear this to work, but I just can't see my boss being cool with something this eye-catching. This piece also made me admit that I actually don't really like animal print that much so I went back into my settings and added that to the "I'd rather not" list. However, if you're intrigued with trying the blue leopard trend, here's a similar top!

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. 41 Hawthorn Valentina Faux Leather Trim Blouse |

Stitches&Stripes Emmie Lace-Up Shoulder Cutout Pullover

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Stitches&Stripes Emmie Lace-Up Shoulder Cutout Pullover |

This sweater actually sold my sister on Stitch Fix (obviously we've talked about it before) and it went like this:
*she's picking me up and I'm wearing this exact outfit*
Her- OMG I really like this sweater!!
Me- Thanks I just got it this week from in my Stitch Fix box
Her- Really? That's the kind of clothes you're getting?? I thought they'd just send you a t-shirt or two but not something like this!

This is probably my favorite piece from this month (although I'm getting a whole lot of use out of that skirt) because it's a super warm sweater that's not too over-the-top but also not too boring so it felt like the perfect balance. It's great because I can be cozy and comfortable in class while I'm trying to stay focused in tax law haha. If you love it as much as I do, I found this sweater that's basically the same thing and on sale!

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Stitches&Stripes Emmie Lace-Up Shoulder Cutout Pullover |

Overall thoughts

4/5 were out of the park so Lili just keeps getting better! In the request box I threw in that I'd like to be paired with Lili again just because I feel like this girl gets me and why ruin a good thing? I'm sure she has hundreds of other clients but hopefully it's easier on them that a new stylist doesn't have to learn all about me each month, but we'll see! Maybe I'll mix it up just to put their other stylists to the test haha. If you're still considering trying out stitch fix and are too lazy to scroll to the top here's the link to get your stylist fee waived so you can test it out for yourself! Also, two other clothing subscription boxes are Le Tote and Rent the Runway Unlimited and fellow law school/fashion blogger Jordyn tried those out for you in this post.

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November 15, 2017

Law School Application Checklist

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Seniors this one is for you!! Ok, well actually law school applications have been open for like a month now so if you're an eager beaver who has already submitted all of your apps and are just sitting around waiting for responses, then you probably don't need this post. So, Seniors with senioritis who are procrastinating or want one last try with the December LSAT, this one is for you!! 

Finalize your school list

If you want to throw down the cash and apply to 30 schools then by all means, have at it. But if not, now's the time for you to decide where you're actually going to apply. The short cut to this is ask yourself, would I be happy going here? would I be proud to have their diploma on my wall and their school on my résumé? Yeah sure it worked out for Elle, but just because you know someone who goes to a law school means that it's the right school for you. I'd say pick between 6-10 schools to apply to. Remember that some schools will have a quick deadline for you to pay a seat deposit if you're accepted so if you aren't quite sure where you want to go, you may get yourself in a sticky situation with those deposits.

Write down due dates

I know you're thinking that there's absolutely no way you could miss a deadline, *Gretchen Weiners voice* but you could be wrong. It's just better to be safe than sorry so double check those deadlines and mark them in your planner in a color that you normally don't use and also add it to your phone calendar with notifications 1 and 2 days out jusssst in case life happens and you don't get your apps in as soon as you thought you would. Knowing these can also really help you prioritize what to do first so that you don't end up rushed on one app in the end.

Find what the school wants from you

Ok, so once you've picked a handful of schools it's time to do some digging. I recommend you check both that school's admissions page and LSAC to see what they're asking for because I've heard stories of school websites giving extra explanation over what they want so it's best to just double check. This also might help you decide where to apply because if a school that you're just meh about is asking for a personal statement, 4-5 rec letters, plus an additional essay, with a video submission thrown in, then you might decide that the effort isn't worth your time and you'd be better off dedicating all that time to an app for a school that you really, really want to go to. If you do end up needing to do an extra essay, start brainstorming and making rough drafts.

Hunt down your rec letters

This turned out to be such a fiasco for me. At the beginning of the summer before my senior year, I chose who to ask for rec letters and asked them to write me one. I figured they'd have the whole summer to write them so they wouldn't feel rushed. Well one person completely forgot to do it and another person wasn't responding to my emails because turns out that professor took a job at another university and wasn't getting my emails! Obviously I had a mild major meltdown. The takeaway from this is give them a nice little reminder that you'll be needing that soon and then a week or two after that is when you have LSAC send them the link to upload it or whatever (it's been a while since I did this okay). Then give them another week or so and if you see that they haven't uploaded the letter, send another polite reminder that your whole future is depending on this or even go visit them in person.

Personalize your résumé

Remember how extra Paris was in Gilmore Girls and had like 30 different résumés? Be that extra if you can. Here's what I mean... if one of the schools that you're applying to has a great clinic that you want to be in, it'd be great if your résumé reflected that. So like if they have an animal defense clinic you could show how you are always down at the shelter playing with the dogs and then in your personal statement mention that you're an animal lover and would love to work in that clinic. When everything lines up like that, it'll help the admissions committee see you as being involved in that clinic and then wow magic that means they're already envisioning you as a student and what do ya know now they think you're an ideal candidate for them!

Personalize your personal statement 

Here's what I was told— if you take the same personal statement, change out the names, and then send it to all your schools, then you're not being personal enough. I don't mean that you can't keep the majority of it the same, but you do need some personalization at least beyond changing out the names (and dear God plz double check that you don't send X law school a paper over how much you love Y law school). Basically just take what I just said about the résumé and expand some more and either weave personal touches throughout your PS if it'll work out or if not then add a paragraph in there about their school. Show them that you took the time to at least Google what they had to offer. But really, find a clinic or a program or something that the school offers and talk about why they're the perfect school for you and then how you're the perfect student for them because of whatever life experience would make you great to be involved with whatever it is. I mean heck, even just saying something like I saw that your school offers free counseling and student wellness support throughout the year so I want to go to X law school because I can tell that you truly care about our well-being would at least show them that you took the time to see what they're all about.

Start on the applications

There are a lot of questions so go ahead and get started now so it's out of the way. The good news is that with LSAC is that it'll save your answers so it's really easy after you do one. On another note, after taking the MPRE and everything I will say this— disclose everything. It's better for you to disclose something and then the schools be like oh that's nbd than for you to not disclose and they later find out and now you're shady on top of whatever else you did bad. You might even need to write an addendum for that. If you're not sure, I suggest you check out this Should You Write a Law School Addendum post.

Request your transcript

My school took like a week to process my request (plus I had to pay for each one so that's always fun). So yeah this can kinda be one of the last things you start on but remember what I said about making sure you're good with your deadlines. But I will warn that even once you get an acceptance letter back that does not mean that you can give up on your grades. Some schools over the summer will require you to submit your final transcript before orientation and if you just gave up and got some D's that last semester well then you might be getting a fun little email from them wanting to talk about that!

And I made you guys a cute little printable checklist to keep track of everything!

Don't submit your law school application without checking this list! 8 steps to take before submitting your law school application. law school application tips. law school application help. law school application process. what to add to your law school application. what goes in a law school application. law school application guide. law school application checklist. law school application process. JD application checklist. applying to law school. what you need to know about applying to law school. law school applications 2018. law school class of 2021. law school blog. law student blogger. |
Click here to download your law school application checklist

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November 10, 2017


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Well guys it's been about a week since the MPRE so I guess it's time that I talk about it (and let's all collectively pray that I passed 🙏🏼). Fun fact about the MPRE— I did not even know it existed until I was filling out one of those "get to know me" questionnaires on the first day of Professional Responsibility (PR) and the first question asked when I was going to take it and I just kinda looked around like wut because I had no clue what my professor was talking about. Fun, probably frowned upon by the people who create this test, way to read this post is drink every time I say MPRE and maybe this won't sound so scary! (PG version is just to pronounce this like umpire and pretend like this is just a test over your ability to yell playyy baaaalllll!) Whatever floats your boat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

What the MPRE is

Yay another $200 that law school is gonna cost you! And yay another test! Yes my friends, MPRE stands for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam. It's an ethics exam. Not like the intro-to-philosophy ethics class you took after you heard that philosophy majors do well on the LSAT about Kant and how many people you're going to kill with a trolley. No, this is more like attorney-client privilege and conflicts of interest. There's also ethical things that came after a little scandal called Watergate and this little guy called Bill Clinton. Basically, the TV show Suits is now ruined for you because they could be disbarred after like every episode. 

Anyways, it's a 60 multiple-choice question test that you have 2 hours to take. I was also really relieved to find out that you don't have to have the rule numbers of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct memorized because we definitely had to know those for my PR class. Also, you should know that this test is mandatory for everyone to take and pass just like the Bar is (except for Maryland and Wisconsin, idk what you guys do). Here's the official website for ya! The states vary on what the minimum score is for passing so I recommend going to their site and clicking on your state and finding that out because that's kinda important. 

Registering for the MPRE

When you go to register for the MPRE, you're taken to a website that will give you LSAT horror flashbacks because guess who runs both sites?? That's right guys, LSAC isn't done with you yet! But I guess the good part about this is you'll already be familiar with the site so you know how to navigate your way around things. What this means is that you get to go through the whole test-day admission ticket fun again! 

To any pre-law students out there reading this, you know how you end up getting 2 passport pictures for the LSAT? Well save one of those because you'll need it again. Yes that's right my friend, you get to pay $14 for a picture of you as extra ID on top of your license (see why Suits makes me roll my eyes when Mike takes the LSAT for people because like yo they triple check your identity). If you don't have an extra passport photo, I have found out that if you explain to the person that you only need one copy and it's for a test that your future depends on and isn't just so you can go get drunk in the Bahamas, sometimes they're nice and will find a different code to ring this up as so you can save a little money. Oh, and obviously this means that you should print out your ticket beforehand!

Another thing about using LSAC again is that it's nice that you don't have to put in all this background information and really you just have to put in your current law school. I feel like they save all your information like your name and email but also I registered for this like a month ago so I can't be sure (comment below and let me know!). This also means that there is a late registration fee so save yourself some moolah and write down the registration dates in your planner! Go ahead and add your test date as well because a girl in my class definitely found out on a Thursday in class that the test was that Saturday so that's always a fun predicament to be in.

Studying for the MPRE

Failing the MPRE is really embarrassing because 1) lol are you an ethical person? and 2) everyone says it's easy. Like the girl who started studying 2 days before most likely passed (although I personally know her and we took PR together so I know she already knew this stuff). What's nice about studying for this is that it gives you a chance to kinda test out bar prep companies since they all offer this as well. For example, if you follow Brazen and Brunette on Insta (and if you don't, boo you whore) then you saw how I was all excited to study with BarMax for the MPRE until I realized that their flashcard style just wasn't for me. I did get a free MPRE prep book from Themis when I was in PR but I couldn't remember where I stashed it so I won't review them. I ended up studying with the Barbri app and really liked it. 

A good study plan is to start about two weeks out before the test, studying one hour a day the first week and then up it to two hours a day the second week. I started by reviewing my PR outline to refresh my memory since I took my PR final in May but took the MPRE in November so I was a little rusty. Then I watched the videos and took the quizzes. What I liked about Barbri is that the way their quizzes are set up is if you are missing a lot in a section then they'll give you like 4 quizzes in that section but if you're getting everything right then you only have 1 or 2 quizzes. I really liked this because there were some areas that we briefly went over in my PR class so the extra quizzes gave me an extra chance to review and practice. And I'd always make sure to read their explanations for why I got my answer wrong and why the right answer was correct. The last thing to do is go through real practice problems and test yourself. Barbri also had an outline that I'm guessing is fill-in-the-blank because the guy in the video kept saying "we fill out is..." but I didn't bother printing that out.

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Taking the MPRE

The MPRE really feels like the LSAT2.0 (or 3.0, if you retook the LSAT). Again to my little eager college students, just go ahead and save your gallon baggie because you need it again. What I packed: gallon baggie, jumbo eraser, wooden pencils, pencil sharpener, lip balm (I bite my lips when I think), admission ticket (with photo!), ID and car keys. It sucks but you can't use mechanical pencils (yes they check your bag so don't think you can sneak them, they're specifically listed on the no-no list), or earplugs (my law school gives these out at finals and they're a game changer, I swear. i'm not exactly sure how they think you could cheat with earplugs), or even an analog watch (pray you get seated in viewing distance of the clock). One thing on the time though, they do give you a warning at the half mark (1 hour), 30 minutes remaining, and 5 minutes remaining. 

What's weird is that our MPRE was given at a different building than the law school so I was glad that I went here for undergrad and knew where the building was. On our Saturday, it was actually game day so we had to park at the law school and walk over and it was weird seeing people out setting up tailgates. It was also great because we walked past the freshman dorms and I saw a girl doing the walk of shame and I felt old AF and then wondered who was having a worse start to their morning... 

Here's how the MPRE is different from the LSAT. Before the LSAT, everyone just sits in the room awkwardly quiet because chances are that you don't really know anyone except like maybe a person or two from a random poli sci class plus the fact that you're nervous AF. In comparison, the MPRE is definitely a more chill test so the nerves aren't really there this go around. Even better, you'll know like half of the people there because you've been in class with them already. So overall the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed. One of my friends was told not to smile for her picture and she has RBF so she was passing around her photo and we were all laughing about how her picture accurately reflected our attitudes about being up at 8am on a Saturday. I liked this because any nerves I had coming in to it were completely gone. Another silver lining to taking this test is that it's two hours long so after being used to the LSAT and law school finals, it was nice to have a test that is only two hours. 

If you want to get a feel for what the questions are like on test day, here ya go.

My advice for the MPRE

Because basically everyone has to take this test, your school will probably require you to take PR sometime as a 2L or 3L (you can read my thoughts on PR in this post). The most common thing to do is take PR one semester and then take the MPRE the next semester because the MPRE is offered throughout the year like the LSAT is. I do have a friend who took the MPRE as a 2L before she had taken PR and she passed, but unfortunately for her this didn't test her out of PR so she still had to take it even though she already knew the information. 

My advice to you is to take this as a summer course! You can take it after your 1L summer but most people wait until they're at least 2L's. It's definitely not as mentally demanding as something like evidence so you won't feel overwhelmed trying to get this in while you're working. And the MPRE is offered every year in like August so then you'd take the class for a month, study for the final, then do a quick refresher in a few weeks and you'd be good to go. Seriously guys I wish I could go back and do it this way because I think it's just easier. If your school offers it as a Maymester, Life in Law and Coffee has a whole post about her experience with that, and I highly suggest you read that.

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November 8, 2017

5 Products for All-Day Makeup

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Hello hello! I recently had a great question and decided to just turn my answer into a blog post (I promise I read all your emails and comments!). As you may recall, I'm usually out of my house around 9 in the morning and I don't get back until at least after 5, but now that I have meetings to go to sometimes I'm gone from home all day. That means that I have to put a little effort into my makeup choices to make sure that I'm not showing up to my evening meetings looking like a hot mess. Even if you don't work after class, you can still use a few of these tips for special occasions like internship interviews.

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This is a tip that my dermatologist gave me back in high school! If you don't start out your makeup routine with moisturizer then your skin might have an issue with your makeup and everything will start to fall apart from there. If you have dry skin and skip moisturizer, your foundation can dry out your skin and then it can get to be itchy and cakey. If you have oily skin and skip moisturizer, your face may actually go into oil overdrive and produce even more oil thinking that your face is dried out, so this is kinda fighting fire with fire. My derm swears by Cetaphil so that's what I've been using every day for the past like decade. I get the one with a little SPF built in because I'd like to avoid cancer thankyouverymuch.


So I used to think that since I was using moisturizer I wouldn't need primer, until I got my makeup done once and I mentioned how I don't use primer and the girl looked at me as if I said I didn't wear deodorant haha. As you can imagine, now I wear primer too. Last year I was checking out at Sephora and saw a little travel size of the Smashbox color correcting primer and decided to try it out since I've heard a lot about it and I loved it! I felt like my foundation went on so much smoother and it stayed on longer. When that ran out, I decided to just get the Smashbox photo finish primer since I don't really have a problem with redness in my skin so the color correcting wasn't necessary for me. 


Nothing against "drugstore makeup," but I've found that you really do get what you pay for when going to more "professional makeup." I've been using Makeup Forever for a few years now and have noticed that it doesn't rub off as much as when I used a $10 foundation. It's definitely worth it to go in to Sephora and have them help you pick a shade because when I first tried to pick it myself apparently I didn't match my undertones and ended up with a shade that made me look sickly. One of my friends uses Kat Von D and really likes it, if you want to go with a slightly cheaper option. 

Lip Stains

When I was growing up, lip stains were only used for pageants and proms and lipsticks were more of the everyday makeup item. But thanks to Instagram, obviously lip stains are like the shit now. I personally prefer them because I hate how lipsticks will wear off and just leave a lip liner-like ring around my lips as if it's the 90's or something. One thing I have noticed is that they can sometimes dry out your lips so it'll really help if you put on lip balm before the lip stain. And if you lips are dry after you've already put on a lip stain, using a balm on it might make it have a sticky, tacky feeling so I just kiss a napkin and that usually helps. I know it sounds like too much thought, but I really think lip stains are so worth it since they last so much longer than regular lipstick. My absolute favorite is Kylie in Mary Jo K for a perfect red (if you like Mac's Ruby Woo, you'll like this). I know Kylie lip stains sound expensive but if you can get by without the lip liner then you can just get the lipstick and not the lip kit and save like $12! Another one of my favorites is Clueless by ColourPop because it's the perfect neutral color and is pretty cheap. One of my friends also wears Jeffree Star and she loves it. 

Setting Powder and Spray

To be honest with y'all, if I have no plans for after work then I skip the setting powder step just to save time. But on the days where I have a meeting at 6 and want to still look presentable, I'll use this. I love Jaclyn Hill videos but one time I tried using as much powder that she did to "bake" my face and I looked like I had really weird tan lines because it was just too white for me. So if you're a novice makeup user like myself then here's what you can do. Instead of using a beauty blender and packing that on, use a really big fluffy brush and you'll get a lot less powder. It probably doesn't work as well as baking but the setting powder really does help! I use the It Cosmetics setting powder and really like it. It's also nice to have on before you do your eyes so that if you accidentally get mascara smudged you can take that off without ruining everyone.

If I had to pick just one thing off this list and say get this it would be setting spray. One of my coworkers when I was in college introduced me to Urban Decay setting spray and this stuff is life changing! If you have the problem of your makeup coming off on your phone after a call then you'll love this. If you really need your makeup to last all day, spray this on your brushes right before you apply eyeshadow and blush and it will really stay put. Just a little tip though, wait a few seconds after spraying it before you use the wet brush so you don't get too much eyeshadow caked on. But this with a moisturized face, primer, quality foundation, and setting powder has been enough that I could workout in the evenings and still have my makeup last. 

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November 6, 2017

Legal Memo Tips

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Hi 1L's! If you're stress procrastinating then you've come to the write (ha) place! I know many of  you are dying over your memos, so this post is for you! Unfortunately for me, when I transferred I didn't have enough Legal Writing credits so I got to take it again last semester. Last year when I got my grade for my memo and did pretty well so I figured I'd again share my small expertise and also toot my own horn because I'm pretty excited. As some of you may know, this actually was my second memo to turn in so I feel like I've learned enough to share some tips with y'all.

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Researching for your memo

I'm not going to spend too much time going over this because I bet your professor has probably bored you senseless over how to do legal research. But I do have a few tips. One is try to find a law review article over the subject of your memo or even the main case of your memo. This is a shortcut to find lots of relevant cases and have them already explained and analyzed for your.

Most likely your memo will be an objective memo where essentially a higher-up attorney is trying to decide whether or not to take the case, and if they do, how they should proceed. Because of this, you'll want to make sure you give them all of the good and all of the bad information. Say you found a case that you could use to show that your client was definitely acting in self defense when she shot her husband because he was attacking her. That's good for your case, yes, but you should also see if there were any cases that held differently. 

So check to see if there any distinguishing subsequent cases to the one you found, because you don't want to blindside your boss by missing another case that said it definitely wasn't self defense because she took too long after the attack to shoot him. A strong memo has just as many "this is why we might lose" arguments as it has "this is why we should win."

Organizing your cases

For me, this always ends up taking forever. I'm talking I spend like 2-3 hours just figuring out the order of my arguments. First, you'll need to come up with your 3-4 main arguments. Then you'll need to take the cases that you've already found and figure out which ones best fit each argument. After that, rank your arguments strongest to weakest. I suggest you write them in the order of strongest, strong, weakest, stronger so that you begin and end on your two strongest points but bury your weakest one in the middle. 

Whatever order your cases end up in, you'll need to think of how each case connects to the one before and the one after it. This can get hard because sometimes a case relates a little bit to two other cases, but it won't fit in to the order of your arguments, so you have to do a little re-arragning. It's really important, though, because doing this helps make your memo flow in one direction rather than jump around from argument to argument. 

Make strong arguments

Try to find cases with similar facts, and then discuss their relevant facts, what the court decided on those facts (the holding) and why the court decided that way (the reasoning). Make sure that you also discuss the similarities between your case and the old cases, the differences between your case and the old cases, the facts that support your client's and their opponent's arguments, reasons that support your client's and their opponent's arguments, and what will happen if your court applies the law of that case to your case. You should also try to figure out what the opposing counsel will argue and come up with a rebuttal. 

Have a check list

Here's my typical checklist.
  • Met page minimum
  • Didn't exceed page maximum
  • Met case minimum
  • Didn't exceed case maximum
  • Formatted to correct font type, font size, headings, page numbering, and paragraph order
  • Every sentence has a cite after it, if it needs it
  • Period after Id.
  • Every case is italicized or underlined
  • Consistency in either italicizing or underlining cases (not both)
  • Statute not statue
  • No apostrophes—can't, won't, didn't, it's, could've, should've....
  • Add weird party names or jurisdictions to dictionary to make sure they're not auto-corrected 
  • Auto-correct hasn't superscripted any st, rd, or th in numbers (like 1st)
  • All present tense when talking about current case
  • No we
  • No our
  • No your
  • Each paragraph transitions from the one before it and to the one after it
  • Each paragraph reflects the overall issue

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