September 24, 2015

Law school outfits

Basically what I've been wearing has been more on the casual side of business casual. My classmates wear everything ranging from jean shorts and a T shirt to sundresses to slacks with a blazer. I think the worst that I saw was a girl wearing yoga pants that she was trying to pull off as dress pants along with way too much blue eyeshadow and a pinstriped vest that didn't match at all. 

It's tough because on one hand it's just class so why should I dress up just to sit and take notes all day, but on the other hand last week I got an email in the middle of my first class saying that our first Women's Law Association meeting was during lunch that day and there was going to be a local lawyer speaking. 

Overall, it's best to err on the side of looking nice. Dresses, rompers, and skinny jeans are my favorite because they're simple yet don't look too sloppy. But I am working to slowly build up my collection of blouses that would look professional with a suit so that I'll be prepared for my future without having to spend a lot of money all at once.

PS - here's a post with more about what to wear to during law school

law school outfits |

law school outfits |

law school outfits |


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