November 20, 2017

Library Necessities

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As I type this, my butt is numb because I've been sitting in this chair for over 7 hours straight. Yes that's right, it's time to live in the library! Since I need a lil study break, I thought I'd do a quick post over some lib necessities because really your whole study vibe can mess up when you're not prepared.

Of course, if you're over the library then check out my post on Where to Study for Finals for suggestions on where else to go!


I'm convinced that libraries only have two AC options, full blast in the summer or just turned off in the winter. No low setting, no heat when it's cold. Snuggies are the best because your full body can be warm but your arms are still free to highlight and type all night. Sure they might look a tad ridiculous, but at this point in the semester I bet you're rocking a greasy messy bun and sweats so we can all agree that looks don't count during the semester. 

Ear plugs

People ignore no talking signs. That's a fact. Ear plugs will allow you to block them out and will save you from having to shush people every 5 seconds. Some people swear by noise-canceling headphones but I've come to find that having no sound at all is way less distracting than even having study music on in the background. I keep a travel case with some ear plugs in my study carrel at all times and I think it really helps me get more done.

Every colored pen and highlighter you own

I usually keep my big stash of highlighters and colored pens in my house, but for a serious lib sesh I'll load them all up and take them on a little field trip. For some reason, I get very extra when I'm at the library. Idk if subconsciously I'm trying to use all these colors to show off like look at me color-coordinating I might as well run a studyblr or if it's just because I'm procrastinating by telling myself that I have to color-code before I even get started. Either way, go ahead and bring them all because you're going to want them.

Focus help

I use two little things to help me spend more time working and less time pinning on Pinterest. I've mentioned the first one in my Favorite Law School Apps post, but it deserves another shoutout. I have the Focus app on my phone and watch that helps me use the Podomoro study method of 25 minutes on-task and then a 5-minute break and repeat. It makes me take little breaks so I don't get burnt out or still, and then the "get back to work" alerts help me keep my study breaks from turning into an hour of doing nothing. The other thing is the Self Control app for my laptop. Basically you make a list of all of the sites that you know you shouldn't be on and it blocks those for you. If you're super serious about studying, you can use this app and then on your 5 minute breaks from studying, you can go on bathroom breaks or re-organize your to-do list. Basically you make the library 100% social media free.

Game plan

Here's literally exactly what I do when I get to the library so I can be my most productive. 

1. Turn on pocket points — Since my study app works on my watch, I turn on pocket points as another incentive to stay off my phone as much as possible. Plus I feel like getting a free cookie after several hours in the library is a pretty good reward for working hard.

2. Make a to-do list — I always go a little extra and write down more to-do's than I know is possible, because I'm the kind who will be like oh I only have one more thing to do tonight so I can take a longer break so I need the reminder to stay on-task. I also get extra and make to-do's about my to-do's. So like right now I'm writing a paper so I made a to-do list of every paragraph that I need to write and I'm checking them off as I go. This also helps because I jump around and don't write in order, so I need to make sure that I don't forget to go back and finish a paragraph.

3. Make a timeline — If you've got a lot going on, this will help. What I like to do is plan out and say okay I'll spend an hour outlining on this subject and then the next hour I'll review it. Then I'll move on to the next subject and do the same. Even if you just want to focus on one subject the entire time you're at the library, I really feel like planning out your to-do list will help it be more feasible and also will establish an end time. The end time helps because it can either be a motivation factor like okay only 3 more hours of making yourself do this crap and then you can take a bubble bath or will keep you reined in so you don't look up and realize that it's 3am and you have class in 5 hours and you just completely lost track of time.

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November 17, 2017

November Stitch Fix

Hi I know I'm behind but really that's because November is flying by and basically my whole life is flashing right before my eyes. I say all this because I recently got an email that my December fix is being sent so I figured I should probably get this post up haha. For a full explanation about Stitch fix, you can read my Stitch Fix Review, but basically what it is, is they pick 5 pieces for you a month (can be tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, purse, shoes) and mail them to you. 

You then try them on in your home and then within 3 business days you decide what you love and what you'll pass on and you mail back the ones that weren't you're favorite and then buy the ones you want to keep. How they've picked these pieces is that there's a stylist who you'll tell all about what you like to wear, what you want to try wearing, and what you don't like. I personally really like this because it's more efficient than going from store to store to store to try on a ton of clothes and it's more successful than guessing how something will fit and taking a chance with online shopping since you have an expert deciding what you need and what size you need it in based off what you've given them. So far my stylist Lili has hit it out of the park 2/2 times so I'm personally a happy customer.

Anyways, I just found out that for any fix ordered between now and Christmas day, they'll waive your styling fee so basically you can try it for free and if you end up hating all 5 pieces (although I seriously doubt that), you pay nothing since shipping is nothing! I've read your comments from those of you who are interested in it so I thought I'd share with y'all what I got :) Just use THIS link to make sure you get the promo! Oh and side note, I got my new Echo Look in like the same week that I got these so I thought this would be the perfect excuse to get to play around with that!

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Liverpool Bia Skirt

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Liverpool Bia Skirt |

My box got delivered while I was at class so when I ran home to change during my lunch break before work, I was very excited to rip this thing open and see what workwear I got. I saw this skirt and instantly was like yep this is what I'm wearing today! I'm glad I did because my coworker complimented my skirt like literally the minute that I walked through the door. I'm in love with this skirt because unlike normal pencil skirts, this one is super strechy so I'm not stuck being all awkward climbing into my car or picking something up off of the ground because I can actually move in this thing. Not only that, I really like the black and white pattern because it's less boring than a solid color but isn't too out there of a print (you'll see what I'm talking about in a second haha). Obviously this one was a keep! I couldn't find the exact skirt, but here's a similar one.

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Liverpool Bia Skirt |

Heartloom Chetna Cross Back Pullover

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Heartloom Chetna Cross Back Pullover | brazenandbrunette.comNovember 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Heartloom Chetna Cross Back Pullover |

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll on my Instagram story! For those of you who missed out, I was super torn about this sweater because it was so soft and warm and I really liked how it had the slight bell sleeves and an open back (which I found out looks better as just an open back than trying to pair it with a racerback bralette), but I wasn't the biggest fan of the stripes. This also was a little too loose on me so I had decided that if I was going to keep it then I would need to size down. In the end, I knew that the stripes just weren't happening for me so I decided to return it but I think I'm going to ask in my next box for something similar to this just a size smaller and without the stripes. I found a similar sweater here with the same sleeves that is still open back (just not as much).

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Heartloom Chetna Cross Back Pullover |

Just Black Addison Skinny Jean

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Just Black Addison Skinny Jean |

This is another piece that I included in the Insta story poll! In the request box on this fix I mentioned how I was looking for something for Thanksgiving and I know exactly why Lili picked these for me. These are jeggings which are super stretchy which would allow me to look cute for Thanksgiving dinner but still be comfortable with an extra full belly. I also loved these because I feel like olive-colored pants are having a moment right now so I was excited that she sent me something so on-trend. The reason why I felt like I needed y'all's help with these is that I was worried that they might be too trendy for me and also was concerned that I wouldn't know how to style it besides just with white and brown but literally every single person voted for me to keep them! If you are looking for some olive jeggings for Thanksgiving, here's a similar pair.

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Just Black Addison Skinny Jean |

41 Hawthorn Valentina Faux Leather Trim Blouse

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. 41 Hawthorn Valentina Faux Leather Trim Blouse |

Okay so here's the backstory behind this shirt. Not only did I request Thanksgiving pieces, but just for fun I threw in there that it'd be nice to maybe get something I could wear out to the bars when I go meet my friends for drinks (wishful thinking because I like never go out anymore #old #lawstudentprobs). I've actually seen some fashion bloggers wear blue leopard so I think this might be an upcoming trend, so I have to give Lili props for trying to help me be ahead of the trends and push my comfort level. I'll admit that it actually did look pretty cute with my faux leather leggings and booties, and the fabric was really great too, but I this top was just a little too much for me. She did include a dressed-up look suggestion with this top for a way to wear this to work, but I just can't see my boss being cool with something this eye-catching. This piece also made me admit that I actually don't really like animal print that much so I went back into my settings and added that to the "I'd rather not" list. However, if you're intrigued with trying the blue leopard trend, here's a similar top!

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. 41 Hawthorn Valentina Faux Leather Trim Blouse |

Stitches&Stripes Emmie Lace-Up Shoulder Cutout Pullover

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Stitches&Stripes Emmie Lace-Up Shoulder Cutout Pullover |

This sweater actually sold my sister on Stitch Fix (obviously we've talked about it before) and it went like this:
*she's picking me up and I'm wearing this exact outfit*
Her- OMG I really like this sweater!!
Me- Thanks I just got it this week from in my Stitch Fix box
Her- Really? That's the kind of clothes you're getting?? I thought they'd just send you a t-shirt or two but not something like this!

This is probably my favorite piece from this month (although I'm getting a whole lot of use out of that skirt) because it's a super warm sweater that's not too over-the-top but also not too boring so it felt like the perfect balance. It's great because I can be cozy and comfortable in class while I'm trying to stay focused in tax law haha. If you love it as much as I do, I found this sweater that's basically the same thing and on sale!

November 2017 Stitch Fix Review. Stitches&Stripes Emmie Lace-Up Shoulder Cutout Pullover |

Overall thoughts

4/5 were out of the park so Lili just keeps getting better! In the request box I threw in that I'd like to be paired with Lili again just because I feel like this girl gets me and why ruin a good thing? I'm sure she has hundreds of other clients but hopefully it's easier on them that a new stylist doesn't have to learn all about me each month, but we'll see! Maybe I'll mix it up just to put their other stylists to the test haha. If you're still considering trying out stitch fix and are too lazy to scroll to the top here's the link to get your stylist fee waived so you can test it out for yourself! Also, two other clothing subscription boxes are Le Tote and Rent the Runway Unlimited and fellow law school/fashion blogger Jordyn tried those out for you in this post.

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